What started out in 2005 as a side project between two friends and some toy keyboards, has now grown into a legitimate band, a well concieved live show and a record company. Only one toy keyboard remain, but all the joy and energy of true bitpop are still there!

In a genre mostly controlled by computers, Liquid Ham decided to be a regular band, where everything is played live as long as there are hands and energy left. The last often lasts just enough for one concert – Liquid Ham shows that guitars never are a must for a fierce gig!

Nikki, the foregin drummer with the hair of Nangialas secret men. He may not say a whole lot to strangers, but he has a way with numbers and is one of the worlds biggest musical talents.

A man of 10 personalities, one good, one better. An amazing intellectual as well as imitator. A programmer who rather sits all alone under his cork tree programming assembler to our C64s than at Solna Buisness Center working for the government.

Someone old once told us about this Johnny Boy. They told us about his mad musical producing skills, his way of laughing with a perfect timing and his total mind focus abilities. He came, and left us speechles.

This fellow person has a way with most people. You either love him, or just fall in love with him. You might know him as a designer, a music junkie, a comedian or just as Simonize.